Sound of Mull & Loch Sunart

Sound of Mull from the Lynn of Morven to Ardmore Point and Loch Sunart to the Point of Ardnamurchan.

Running NorthWest-SouthEast, the Sound of Mull runs almost from Oban on the Mainland to Tobermory and the North of Mull. The Southern half has high hills on both sides and can funnel the wind while the Northern end is slightly more open.

On the Northern coast of the Sound of Mull is Loch Aline, a small and prety Loch offering the best anchorage between Oban and Tobermorry.

Tobermorry is situated in a large natural bay at the top of the Sound of Mull and has plenty of moorings as well as a few montoons. It is a very attractive towns with lots of facilities and is definitely somewhere worth stopping.

Loch Sunart is one of the most picturesque lochs on the West Coast of Scotland and runs in an Easterly direction from Tobermorry. There are several lovely anchorages including behind the Isle of Oronsay, in Loch Teacuis and at Salen as well as further up the Loch.

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