Loch Gairloch to Cape Wrath

Far North West of Scotland from Loch Gairloch to Cape Wrath including Enard and Eddrachillis Bays.

North of Loch Gairloch ('the short loch'), is the major headland of Rubha Reidh ('the smooth point') which is notorious for heavy seas and care should be taken - particularly with wind and tide against each other.

East of Rubha Reidh is Loch Ewe, Gruinard Bay and Little Loch Broom which all offer several anchorages and limited facilities. Furthest inland to the North of Rubha Reidh is Loch Broom and the largest settlement in this area, Ullapool.

Further up the coast to the North West of Ullapool are a collection of about 30 islands, known as the Summer Isles. There are many anchorages although most are exposed. Further to the North is the headland of Rubha Coigeach ('five achs point', achs being a land portion/holding in Gaelic) with it's spectacular cliffs and marks the Southern point of Enard Bay. Enard bay itself is a large indent into the mainland with a few fairly sheltered inlets and a handful of offshore islands although none are particularly sheltered until you get to Loch Inver at the northern end of the bay.

At Loch Inver, there is good shelter and several pontoon behind the breakwater at Lochinver Harbour. As the largest settlement on the West Coast North of Ullapool, Lochinver is a busy fishing town with various facilities. Further north from Loch Inver is the smaller Loch Roe and a long headland to the Point of Stoer where there can often be heavy seas due to its exposure and the strength of the tidal streams.

There are many interesting places between the Point of Stoer and Handa Island in Eddrachillis Bay and make the long trip to get here well worth it. Handa Island is a designated Bird Sanctuary and further North are two main Lochs - Loch Laxford and Loch Inchard. Kinlochbervie Harbour on the North shore of Loch Inchard is offers good shelter and plenty of facilities as well as being only 15 miles from Cape Wrath.

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