North West Scotland

Ardnamurchan Point to Cape Wrath including the Western Isles and St Kilda.

North of Ardnamurchan Point there is a lot of small inland lochs and the main island is the Isle of Skye. Currently, this area includes the Western Isles and the remote Isle of St. Kilda although I may split this region up, depending on how much information I get.

Much more remote than the areas further south, this area is largely unspoilt and full of history and dramatic scenery. The Hebrides is sometimes referred to as one of the greatest places to sail on earth! Sometimes the only problem is getting there as the transport links are not that good.

The North West of Scotland and Western Isles is better suited for more experienced sailors as it is very remote and many trips can be quite long and require detailed planning. Well worth the visit when you get there.

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